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WNCLUG Asheville

WNCLUG Asheville is a group of Linux and Free-Software enthusiasts in Western North Carolina. We welcome anyone with an interest in Linux to take part in the group. Our meetings are held at 12:00PM on the first Saturday of every month at Earth Fare Community Room, 1856 Hendersonville Road, Asheville , NC 28803. If you would like to subscribe to the Mailing List (or ListServ maintained by MailMan) so you can interact with other WNCLUG Asheville members via email, visit: and fill out the application online.

A Modern Day Blog & Cafe

If you're looking for a modern-day blog that tells it like it is, then look no further than a blog that I was pointed to a few weeks ago called the Modern Day Blog Cafe. This blog is one where you can grab a cup of your favorite coffee, then sit back and read various topics that will bound to be of interest to you.