About the Author

Daniel Calloway

Gender: MALE

Occupation: Retired, living in Asheville, North Carolina, United States

Introduction: Retired naval Lieutenant Commander; married since 1981; Live in Western North Carolina with my wife, Jeannie, and son, Dennis.

Education: Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics; Master of Science degree in IT; Four-year PhD learner at Comps; Post-Masters Certificate in College Teaching; CompTIA A+/N+ Certified PC Technician; Scholarly writer; Professor Emeritus in Web Technologies/Operating Systems Technology/ Programming

Affiliations: The Internet of Things Council in Brussels, Belgium

Association for Computing Machinery

Interests: Mathematics, computers, Linux, Unix, Technology; Freelance Writing & Technical Writing

Favorite Movies: Firewall, Network, Barry Lyndon, White Christmas

Favorite Music: R&B, Country, Jazz, Christian

Favorite Books: - Great Expectations, Mutiny on the Bounty, Lord of the Rings