The Gnome File Transfer Protocol (gFTP) Client

Let me introduce you to a FTP client that I've been using now for several years for uploading and downloading files to remote servers, namely, my Personal Cloud. The software package/app is called the Gnome FTP Client or gFTP.

The gFTP Client will allow the user to send files in an upload to a remote server on the Local Area Network (LAN) or Wireless LAN using port 20/21 for FTP or port 22 for SSHv2. I use this client for both on a regular basis. I use the FTP or File Transfer Protocol over port 20/21 when I don't care about the privacy or security or files that I'm uploading to my 6TB Personal Cloud or downloading from the same Personal Cloud to my local Linux laptop. If, however, I want to ensure that potential eavesdroppers on my WLAN can't sniff my network packets using software like WireShark, I turn to the Secure Shell or SSHv2 protocol to create an encrypted tunnel over the UDP or TCP connection to my Personal Cloud so these packets are fully encrypted and can't be read even if captured along the way. The gFTP Client will fit the bill in either case.

The GUI for the gFTP Client is very nice because it is configured not unlike Windows Explorer or Windows 10's File Explorer is configured with two panes: the left pane representing the local system; and the right pane which represents the remote system-in this case, my Personal Cloud server which runs Debian Linux. Therefore, when connecting to my Personal Cloud via my business laptop, I'm actually connecting an Arch-based Linux distro to a Debian-based Linux system in the process.

There are many different desktop clients that can do what gFTP does to transfer files & folders from a local to remote system, but gFTP has the advantage of being able to perform both an encrypted and non-encrypted transfer of these files & folders over the same platform without ever leaving it.

I recently created a video that shows the gFTP Client in action. Please watch this video to get a better feel for and understanding of how this marvelous file transfer client works on the Linux platform: