Pi-Hole Server; Network-wide Ad Blocking

I've recently installed, configured, and am running Pi-Hole Server on my Raspberry Pi Model 3B+. What Pi-Hole Server is is an application running on Raspbian OS on the Pi that blocks ads coming into your home network using dnsmasq technology. Block lists that come installed out of the box and augmented by the user via the Settings interface on the Web allow the Pi-Hole Server to block ads that come via your Web browser and any other means to any device you have on your home network. For example, I have my Linux machines, my Windows 10 Pro main PC, my iPhones, iPads, Personal Cloud device, and SmartTVs all being protected from ads pushed by domains that are contained in the Pi-Hole Gravity (lists of domains that are blocked). So far, I have over 136,000 domains being blocked from pushing ads to my network.

If you watch the video, it describes how I setup my DNS server on my router to point to my Pi-Hole Server (which also acts as a DNS server, DHCP server, and FTL server) so that the router's dnsmasq process is blocking ads which are effectively sent to the black hole on the Internet rather than being allowed to come into my devices. Installation of the Pi-Hole server was very easy to perform by following the directions on https://www.pi-hole.net.

I leave my Pi-Hole Server running 24/7 so it is always protecting my LAN clients and the only thing I need to do is occasionally update the Block lists via a bash script that I run when I'm alerted that updates for these are available.

Highly encourage you to watch the video and discover how you can protect your home network and all your wired/wireless client devices from ads.